Eindhoven Pride Edition

Dynamo Eindhoven
Sat 8 June 2024.

Striptopia has redesigned the strip club experience to appeal to a new millennial audience, by making it a fair, safe, inclusive and fun-filled environment.

Join us for an amazing show, and experience how design can transform a place that is usually perceived as scary and stifling..., and a job that can be exploitative and at times even abusive.

The strip club experience is powered by a mobile app, that allows the audience to interact with performers through an interactive stage.

We provide a model for financial transparency, boundaries for consent and bodily autonomy. Come see our strippers and our fabulous show, and discover what design can do!


Saturday 8 June

Saturday Show Ticket
Show 22:30 - 00:30
Saturday Afterparty Ticket
Afterparty 00:30 - 04:00